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Its getting close again!

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 18, 2007 10:04 pm    Post subject: Its getting close again! Reply with quote

I know, I know, I was looking at the front page and thought - hold on - its nearly December again and last time I posted something it WAS (and I'm sure I said I would update more often. Embarassed )

LOTS of things have been going on - at some point I will put some news up - but its still a little 'edgy' yet.

I have finished the project under the stairs - just haven't got around to post the finished pictures yet Sad so when I do - I'll let you know!

I've also been playing around with WoW - got 2 chars now! both are doing - OK Rolling Eyes - Even created my own addon for it! {slash}Timmy! - Only a little thing really - more of a homage to the Southpark Episode that started it all off! If your after addons for Wow (and many others) then point your browser off to Cursed Gaming - and download mine while your at it Smile

If your interested - you can now run round and shout TIMMY! at everyone YAY! Very Happy

Even went to a 'for real' 'Dark Moon Faire' the other week - real beer tents, country trades and stuff... OK it was a country show - but it kinda looked like one Wink

I've also opened up a new shop! - This one is actually ran by a company thats a little closer to home and can deliver between 24-48 hours - so if you feel the need to visit and buy something - point your browser over to and have a look around. I'll be adding it to the main menu soon.

I've also made a few additions to the web site - you may notice that there is now a 'ClusterMap' on the left hand side. This was a nice and easy way to map where people are coming from to the site and how many. If you click it - you can see this gets quite busy!.

There's also SnapShots added - this highlights URLs that are on this site to show you a snapshot of where you will be taken - A little brief picture to the page before you jump - so you know its for real (or even if you want to go there!) - Useful (and hopefully not getting in the way tooo much!)

Anyways... for now I'm off - but I'll be back - hopefully before the announcement of planetWayne RADIO!
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