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PostPosted: Thu Dec 16, 2021 3:35 pm    Post subject: I did a THING!! Reply with quote

In all the excitement of everything over the last Covid-19 years (!) I completely forgot to update this site with anything new! Ok a limp excuse but we are here now nearly Christmas again... Shocked

One thing that has happened though is I've managed to create plugin for Homebridge that allows you to control a Sonos Speaker setup - ok not entirely my own work as it was a fork to an existing plugin by Dirk Winkler to add some features. That said - I MANAGED TO GET IT APPROVED as official plugin! How cool is that!! Cool

If you have never come across HomeBridge, its a very well supported and open source solution to allow you to add certified and none certified Apple HomeKit devices into Homekit in the Apple eco system, which in turn allows you Siri control! Been using it for a few years now as the 'thing' that lets me control 'smart things' in the house.

You can get access to this over on NPM as well as GitHub - or even searching in the Homebridge UI for 'Sonos Starter Track'

Well - that's it for another few years - hope everyone is staying safe in these interesting times!!

Have a good one all!! Laughing
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