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PostPosted: Sun Feb 08, 2004 12:00 am    Post subject: Time Passes... Reply with quote

Well - we're well into the new year now and not a great deal has happened - no new years resolution to worry about (hay if you dont make em you cant break em!). Its the time of year where theres still stuff to be done around the house but its to wet/cold (insert more excuses here) to do any of it. The garage roof is leaking possessively so every time theres a down pour - out come the buckets. The kitchen needs tiling (the chap that was coming out to do it put his back out - so thats not done yet) and the hall ceiling needs boarding (Ive cut holes in there for new pipe work and cabling)

I've been adding to the galleries - more photos of the family, funnies and a few more movies - quite good they are too!.

Stephanie got a year upgrade on the 2nd! - 12 now!! bigger and more cheeky than ever! ah the fun!!. Jnr is getting into UrbanTerror even to the degree that he has 'army' clothes - Just watch out!. Now that he's got access to a computer (xmas!) if he's not fiddling with the colours and desktop he's playing UrT.

Those of you that keep watching this space may have noticed that my Gaming Handle has now changed - I've gained a UKV| - In other words I'm in a clan! UK Vets - Find out about us here. The web sites a bit out of date at the mo, but you get the idea. This means that my running score, that got as low as the 600's, has now shot back up - when I typed this it was in the 2100's. It doesn't mean my playing has gone down hill - just that, as my 'tag' has changed, my score has been reset - so all that hard work has gone. Just have to build it back again!

Ive also taken the Lipsum from the bottom of the page - theres enough content now as to not worry about the layout so much. If you ever want to get hold of the text again (the full text is quite long!) or find out about the hows and whys - visit the official Lipsum site here.

Well thats enough rattle for a bit - Keep watching - and I my see you out there in the games field of UrT!
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