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PostPosted: Sun Jul 27, 2003 11:00 pm    Post subject: My OWN .Com! Reply with quote

Wuhoo! - I finally got round to doing it! I actually own a domain name!! So now its official you can get me direct on www.planetWayne.Com

How is this possible I hear you scream - well other than the obvious 'you buy it', I run the whole web site on my own boxes on the end of a cable connection to the Internet. This in itself isn't a problem apart from the fact that you don't get a static ip address with cable (NTL at any rate) and to run your own domain you need an always available DNS server. This needs to be on a static ip address that all the 'top level' DNS servers look towards to find out what your WWW actually points to. So - how do you achieve this I hear you ask, well its quite simple really. You need to find someone to host DNS data for you that has 'always on' DNS servers, in my choice, the chaps over at DynDNS.ORG do that for me (very helpful they are too!). You need to set-up a CustomDNS account and register your domain name (they'll do all that for you too!). Their system gives you the ability to update your dynamic IP address from your hardware / software client. My router has the ability to update my DynDNS account if its external ip address (the one your using to view this now) changes, so if my router reboots or (more than likely) NTL decide to give me a new address, all my DNS data gets auto updated as though nothing has happen. Groovy! Their system also has the ability for you to have an 'unavailable' address to go to if your main site is down so at least you don't get the dreaded 404 errors!

Oh, did I forget to mention, you also need to run your own web/email/other servers within your system - otherwise you just need the normal 'web/e-mail hosting' services that people normally choose - but who said I was normal anyway??

If you want to know more - drop me a line - will help if I can!
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