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PostPosted: Sun Sep 21, 2003 11:00 pm    Post subject: ITS ALIVE!!! Reply with quote

If there is anything that can give you a heart attack - its a server not starting after a power cut!

Thats exactly what happened to my Shuttle server after the power got tripped in the house the other day. I know - best practices etc where's the UPS' - well I just haven't got round to getting one for Node 0 yet, and I have paid for it! Turned out that the fan on the PSU had decided in its wisdom to seize up. This I guess shorted the PSU out and effectively made it useless - as they say 'the lights were on but there was nobody home!' Having given up on trying to get the box working - a quick reconfigure of the firewall was needed to redirect mail to my main pc. Panic set in as I then had to scramble around trying to get a mail server program up and running. I had been keeping an eye out on Mercury Mail trying it, and playing with its features in preference to my current mail system, and I must admit - its a cracking piece of software! (something good had to come out of this crash!). I am looking to get it replaced on my server when I can get all my stored e-mails out of it!

After a scratch about on Kustom PC's web site (and a panic email to Graeme!), I finally ordered the replacement PSU. This was ordered yesterday and arrived today (22nd) - I think he may have been able to tell it was urgent!. About an hour faffing about and putting things back together - IT LIVES!

Thank God!
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